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Welcome to WunderLand. Your destination for Marketing, Interactive, and Design talent.

We are a staffing, recruiting and search firm. Click here and scroll down to see a list of the positions we fill, on a contract or full-time basis.

We greatly value the people we work with, both our clients and our candidates. We promise to be approachable and honest, and we expect the same of you.

The fact is, every recruiter has access to the same talent, but the difference lies in how and where we find them, and how we interact with them. We rely on our direct recruiting approach, relationships, dedicated sourcing, industry expertise, and getting out in the community and being involved. The integrity and discerning style of our team has earned us a reputation for quality and excellent service.

Since you'll likely spend one-third of your life working, you'll want to spend it working with people you enjoy and respect. Our knowledge of the job market, awareness of trends, and our industry experience can provide the guidance you need to help you make informed decisions on finding a new opportunity, or help your company hire the best people.

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