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WunderLand West Coast Team

WunderLand’s West Coast office in San Francisco, CA serves hiring companies and job seekers in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and the Greater Seattle Area.

Alexandra Cannady

Talent Engagement Manager 415-426-5723 Back to team

Relationship builder. Industry aware. Understands the importance of speed to market. Alexandra specializes in pairing Tech and Digital Marketing creatives with opportunities that will grow their career. She focuses on achieving client business initiatives while maintaining a high level of urgency. A graduate of Cal State San Bernardino, her hobbies include coaching volleyball, spending time with her nieces, and playing with her Chihuahua Kaep.

Alexandra’s work philosophy:

“No matter how tough the day, I get to start fresh tomorrow.”

What makes WunderLand different?

“The care and respect displayed by senior leadership and the ability to build relationships with my candidates no matter their qualifications.”