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WunderLand West Coast Team

WunderLand’s West Coast office in San Francisco, CA serves hiring companies and job seekers in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and the Greater Seattle Area.

April Wallen

Senior Talent Engagement Manager 206-939-4772 Back to team

Researcher. Professional ally. Seasoned matchmaker with creative chops. April feels right at home among designers and marketers, and she’s a champion of helping talent find work where the heart is. Her favorite part of the job is forming meaningful connections. She’s a problem solver. Acquisition extraordinaire. Thrives in the digital and advertising space. When April’s not brainstorming talent solutions, she’s probably getting her fix of the great outdoors. Born on the beach, raised in the mountains. Says “hello” to every dog she sees.

April’s work philosophy:

“I find success in my business simply by focusing on the people. Be the connection they need, provide the feedback they often do not hear, be sympathetic to them, and be their friend. When you focus on building a relationship with someone and communicate with them, that’s when trust comes into play. That is where the magic happens, with connecting.”

What makes WunderLand different?

“Authenticity. This agency is authentic in their approach, in who they partner with, with how the employees are treated. WunderLand is authentic in every capacity.”