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WunderLand’s East Coast 1 office in New York, NY serves hiring companies and job seekers on the East Coast.

Erin Gartland

Senior Talent Engagement Manager 415-358-2421 Back to team

Open and candid. Loves being surrounded by creative people. Puts your preferences and needs first. Erin’s friendly and honest communication style helps her establish solid, ongoing relationships with clients and talent. She thrives on inspiring people to find their most rewarding, productive, and creative selves. Provides trusted support to both proven agency vets and junior designers fresh out of college. Delivers a collaborative recruiting experience. In her free time, Erin loves to indulge in strong coffee, good wine, and burritos—all plentiful treats in her native San Francisco. She also has a blast raising two small children.    

Erin’s work philosophy:

Be honest and direct in everything you do. Actively listen and start each day with a fresh attitude.”

What makes WunderLand different?

“The focus on quality over quantity.”