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WunderLand East Coast team

WunderLand’s East Coast office, headquartered in Wilton, CT, serves hiring companies in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Southern Connecticut, and the Boston area.

Marc Barnes

Senior Client Engagement Manager 718-732-7248 Back to team

Professional brainstormer. Passionate problem solver. Always up for a unique challenge. Marc credits his fine-tuned listening skills to building valuable relationships in the digital, creative, and marketing space. He’s curious and loyal and keeps his promises, and he loves helping clients build better brands. When he’s not at work, Marc enjoys photography, playing guitar, and spending time in Central Park. He speaks fluent “dog” with his boxer Margot, and he’s a die-hard New York Jets fan.

Marc’s work philosophy:

“Keep your promises. Be transparent, honest, and spend more time listening than speaking. There are no shortcuts when it comes to clients. And, it may sound cliché, but just do the right thing.”

What makes WunderLand different:

“It’s the difference between being a ‘vendor’ versus a trusted advisor and partner. We are consultative and relationship-based in everything we do. We are not at all transactional. We do things differently. Very differently.”