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WunderLand Midwest Team

WunderLand’s Midwest office, headquartered in Chicago, services the greater Chicago area.

Megan Streich

Lead Talent Engagement Manager 312-506-8593 Back to team

Fact finder. Builder of long-lasting relationships. Thoughtful in approach. Loves to watch people as they grow in their careers. She’s a realist with an optimistic twist. Thrilled to navigate the competitive market. DIY junkie, lover of photography, Mom of 2. Ever curious, she believes the key component to success is to never stop enriching yourself with information. Megan will talk to anyone who will listen, and she’s just as keen to know about your life and passions.

Megan’s work philosophy:

“Stay thirsty. It’s a long-term game. We deal with people, not stagnant products, so you have to be willing to truly look at this from a big picture perspective. Treat others as you would want to be treated and all else will work itself out with a little bit of hard work.”

What makes WunderLand different?

“We work with PEOPLE! And we understand them. This is a delicate business and I believe that all of us here truly care about the work that we do and the people and clients we serve.”