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WunderLand West Coast Team

WunderLand’s West Coast office in San Francisco, CA serves hiring companies and job seekers in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and the Greater Seattle Area.

Sophie Kreiss

Talent Engagement Associate 415-358-2419 Back to team

Challenge seeker. Adventurous explorer. Passionate about matching top talent with industry masterminds. Sophie loves to learn about people’s passions and help them land exciting opportunities. She takes an active interest in job-market trends and gets a thrill out of working with new and innovative companies. Understands candidates’ needs. Conducts a strategic, personalized search. A former nurse, Sophie adds a human touch to the recruiting experience. She also grew up in a family full of firefighters, which makes her a natural problem solver. Surfer-in-training and sun lover. Foodie with a focus on health advocacy.

Sophie’s work philosophy:

“Pour your heart into what you do.”

What makes WunderLand different?

The people are amazing. They truly live by their values and company mission.”