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WunderLand’s East Coast 1 office in New York, NY serves hiring companies and job seekers on the East Coast.

Taylor West

Client Engagement Associate 415-426-5726 Back to team

Thorough researcher. Focused and friendly. Looks at the little details within the bigger picture. Taylor loves the process of bringing professionals together to help everyone achieve success in the workplace. She makes it her goal to get to know each candidate and understand each project to the fullest extent. She enjoys all the people she meets through WunderLand and maintains those relationships as she expands her network. In her free time, Taylor loves to step away from social media and spend quality time outdoors. She’s an adrenaline enthusiast and makes time for anything that involves sports, including yoga, snowboarding, hiking, and running.

Taylor’s work philosophy:

“Be honest and be yourself! I pay attention and understand that small details help create the bigger picture. I also strive to be 1% better each and every day.”

What makes WunderLand different?

“From the get go, WunderLand stood out to me. The team truly cares about the people we help! The company strives to be real and the culture here is so great. Everyone has been so welcoming and this feels more like a family than just a place to work.”