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WunderLand West Coast Team

WunderLand’s West Coast office in San Francisco, CA serves hiring companies and job seekers in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and the Greater Seattle Area.

Vincent Langer

Client Engagement Manager 206-939-4778 Back to team

Client partner. Talent advisor. Places a premium on nurturing relationships. Vincent loves connecting with people on a personal level and contributing to the integral parts of his clients’ business. He considers it a true joy to introduce talent to their next career. Vincent is an avid gardener and enjoys pretty much everything about the outdoors. He’s a history buff who appreciates dusty archives, and he’ll visit any museum he has time to check out.

Vincent’s work philosophy:

“Set my personal and professional goals and fervently pursue them. It is my belief that individuals should bring their best each and every day to everything they do.”

What makes WunderLand different?

“WunderLand is the kind of company that can spot talent, but they also care about their employees enough to develop them into what they expect and know will be successful.”