Coping with COVID-19: Updates from WunderLand Group

Our Code of Ethics

Our core beliefs are simple and timeless. They guide our internal objectives and behaviors. At WunderLand, we reflect the values important to our clients and candidates by collaborating as creative partners. That’s what makes us your destination for talent.

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We start with “yes,” because it’s in our DNA to help—whether you’re a team member, candidate, or client with a question. We believe in the power of positive response. We believe in supporting everyone for the best results.



We strive to be collaborative, so don’t be shy. Give voice to your beliefs and show us your best hand. When we educate each other with insights and feedback, we become better experts in the fields we support.



We seek to grow the careers of internal team members, as much as we do for our creative, digital, and marketing candidates. As we help each other advance, our clients grow and achieve their goals. It’s a win-win situation.



We support each other by taking ownership. As collaborative partners, we’re responsible to each other. We care about your brand as much as our own. And we care about where you’re headed in your career.



We stand by a set of unified values. Our culture is built upon respect and excellence. We believe leadership and accountability go hand in hand. We thrive on these traits in today’s fast-paced, digital world.


Real integrity. Unique support. Creative, Digital, and Marketing success starts with WunderLand.