Coping with COVID-19: Updates from WunderLand Group

Our Recruitment Ethics

Our vision at WunderLand is to be the most respected firm in our industry.

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Earning respect starts with giving respect, which is what you can expect when you work with us. We adhere to the highest ethics in all we do. For instance, you have the right:

  • To give us approval before we send your resume to any company.
  • To know the name of the company before your resume is submitted.
  • To ask how your experience and skill set compare to others with similar backgrounds.
  • To read and negotiate any contract or agreement before we ask you to sign it.
  • To reject an offer for a contract job.
  • To quit a contract job with two weeks’ notice to the staffing firm.
  • To reject an hourly rate that is below your minimum.
  • To register with as many recruiters as you want.