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Working with WunderLand

Here are some common questions we get asked about working with WunderLand.

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Q: What does WunderLand do, exactly?

A: As a leader in creative, digital, and marketing placements, we match hiring managers with people like you who have specific career goals. We give you access to job opportunities you won’t find on your own. We guide you through the hiring process by offering advice and answering questions along the way. We never charge a fee or ask a candidate to pay for a service in the processes of applying or securing a job.


Q: What industries do you partner with?

A: WunderLand partners with a wide variety of clients in creative, digital, marketing, finance, food and beverage, CPG, ecommerce, beauty, and more. Talk with one of our recruiters to find a job that matches your skills and background.


Q: How does a job search with WunderLand begin?

A: Browse our job listings by keyword and location. If you see a position that matches your background, availability, and goals, apply or register with us to be contacted by a member of our recruiting team. In our initial interview, we’ll get to know your work history and specific goals for career success.


Q: How do I register an account with WunderLand?

A: You can create an account with WunderLand by joining our talent community. Use your account to post your resume, portfolio, and contact information. We encourage you to upload new achievements, skills, job titles, and work samples as you accomplish them.


Q: How often does WunderLand reach out to candidates with job opportunities?

A: Unlike typical staffing agencies, we won’t flood your inbox with unsuitable jobs. Instead, we work to understand your goals and we tailor our communications to highlight jobs that are relevant to you. If we think you’re the best person for a certain position, one of our recruiters will personally reach out to you.


Q: Can you offer feedback on my resume and portfolio?

A: We offer guidance to talent in our initial interview and also through resources like the WunderBlog on our website. Our recruiters are empathetic and honest. When you join our talent network, you benefit from our entire team working collaboratively to support your career.


Q: What happens when I accept a freelance, contract, or full-time job?

A: When you’re placed in a freelance or contract position, you become WunderLand’s employee. We pay your wages and provide workplace benefits. If you run into challenges with your job along the way, talk with a recruiter first to address next steps. When you’re placed in a direct-hire, full-time position, you join the hiring company’s permanent team. Our client adds you to their payroll, and you’ll report directly to their management.


Q: What if I’m placed on a job that isn’t the right fit?

A:  We want you to feel at home in your new career. If you feel out of sync with the company culture or run into challenges with your job duties, reach out to one of our recruiters. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance, contract, or full-time employee. Job satisfaction is critical to performance.


Q: What are the benefits of working with WunderLand recruiters?

A: We take the time to get to know you and assign a team of recruiters to support your search. We work collaboratively to match you with positions, companies, and cultures that align with your background and goals. We have access to job opportunities you won’t find on your own, so send us a message. We look forward to working with you.


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