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Working As A W-2 Employee

Here are some common questions we get asked about working as a W-2 employee.

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Working as a W-2 employee FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

 A W-2 employee is someone who is hired by a company for a specific period of time without being added to the official headcount. The average length of a contract through WunderLand is six months.

Officially, a W-2 employee is an employee of the staffing agency, which pays the contractor’s wages and, in WunderLand’s case, provides health insurance and additional benefits. Although you are a WunderLand employee, since you are working onsite at one of our clients, you will take direction and be supervised by one of our client’s managers. If you run into a challenge with your job duties, or if you want to express concerns about any of our clients, please talk with your recruiter. We’re here to provide support and advice along the way.

It’s not uncommon for contractors to transition into full-time employment. If our client is in a position to hire someone, a permanent offer could be made.

WunderLand offers our talent an industry-leading, comprehensive benefits package. We have several medical and dental plans through Allied Health and Aetna. Contractors can enroll in a 401(k) plan once they’ve worked 12 consecutive months. Vacation time and holiday rewards are also on the table, because we understand that workplace benefits are critical to your peace of mind. Read more about our benefits.

It happens! If you’re too sick to go to work, notify your recruiter right away, then notify the person you report to at our client. At WunderLand, for every 40 hours worked, a contractor accrues one hour of sick time. Sick time becomes available for use on the 180th calendar day of work, or after about six months.

Job satisfaction is critical to performance. If you run into challenges with your job duties or find that the company culture doesn’t align with your own, there are other options available to you. We want you to be happy and we also want our clients to be fully satisfied. Talk with your recruiter about your concerns and the next steps.

Yes, it can. WunderLand maintains an employment-at-will policy. Just as Talent are free to end their employment with the company at any time for any reason the company is free to end the employment relationship with any Talent at any time for any reason, unless there is a specific written contract to the contrary. Talent who leave the company are responsible for returning any of WunderLand’s or the client’s materials, including supplies, documents, data, records, keys and access cards.

There are many advantages to working as a contractor. Because the work is project-based, you can add more experience to your resume and broaden your professional social network. With each new engagement, contractors can explore different industries in their field and strengthen their skills and background.

Not really! In fact, contract work is a great way to evaluate a company from the inside to see what it’s really like to work there. Still, if you prefer a more “permanent” position, talk with a recruiter about exploring other options. Search our open positions.

As a leader in digital, creative and marketing placements, our job is to match highly vetted candidates with hiring managers. The process starts with a conversation about your skills, experience and career goals. Apply to a specific job or join our talent network to learn about relevant positions. We look forward to working with you.

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