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Everything You Need To Know About Working With WunderLand

Bookmark this page for a quick reference guide to Time Entry, Payment, Benefits, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program. Thank you again for working with WunderLand!



erecruit portal access will be sent from no-reply@advancedgroup.com. The site provides informational messages and links, previous paycheck information, and your weekly timecard. (Note: if you are working for a client that uses a Vendor Management Tool, you will receive access to that specific system for time entry, in addition to erecruit access.)

It is important that you click the link and follow instructions to set your password. It may be helpful to bookmark this page for future access.

In order to log time, please go to erecruit (http://erecruit.advancedgroup.com) to access your time card; you will not have access until you receive the above-mentioned email.

  • Timesheet(s) are available Tuesday afternoon after payroll has been processed.
  • Calculate your hours worked in quarter hour increments. Round up or down to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Please be sure to hit the save button to submit your time or it will remain in pending status and delay your payment.
  • Attached is an instructional document on the Time and Expense Entry process.
Timesheets must be submitted for approval by 12:00p.m. CST each Monday by the candidate. Please reach out to our payroll hotline with any further questions at (888) 631-9966 or payroll@advancedgroup.com
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WunderLand pays its employees weekly*. The standard pay period starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Direct deposit funds are guaranteed by Friday after the week worked. Printed checks are mailed via USPS on Wednesdays to your home address on record.

A direct deposit setup form will be included in your onboarding paperwork from digital-noreply@eStaff365.com.

We strongly recommend that you sign up for direct deposit to ensure prompt payment. After you set up direct deposit, all payment will be directly deposited into your account by Friday, payday.

On your first pay day you will receive an email from noreply@GreenEmployee.com with a link to view your check stub on Greenshades. Complete the following directions as a first time user in order to set up your password:

  • It will ask you for a “corporate email,” which is the personal email that WunderLand has on file for you. It will also ask for the last 4 digits of your SSN, along with your birth year (####YYYY).

*Standard practice is to pay weekly; however, you will be notified from your recruiter if your assignment pays bi-weekly.

Please reach out to our payroll hotline with any further questions at (888) 631-9966 or payroll@advancedgroup.com


If you are working 30+ hours/week, you qualify for the below benefits. Shortly after your first payday you will receive an email from our benefits department, with the benefits guidebook that will give you an overview of the plans and instructions on how to log into our benefit system, Flock, and make your elections. Please see the benefits letter included in your onboarding documents for additional details. For benefit questions, please email Benefits@advancedgroup.com.

Medical Benefits

Your benefit elections will go into effect the first of the month following 30 days from your start date.

  • You have 30 days from your start date to make your elections.
  • After that you will not have access to the system.
  • Eligible employees must log into Flock and elect or decline coverage.
  • Detailed summaries of the plans are found in Flock under resources.
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Wunderland Employees are auto enrolled in the Advanced Group 401K Retirement Fund:

  • Automatic enrollment at 3% contribution will begin on the first of the month following your first 90 days of service.

Wunderland offers a company match that starts the first of the month following 90 days to all actively working employees. We offer a two-year vested cliff as part of the plan.

All employees will receive enrollment information from Principal in the mail during their open enrollment period.  It will contain information on the 401(k) plan, funds available and enrollment information.  The automatic enrollment of 3% will be deposited into an account established in your name, in the Advanced Group of Companies Savings Retirement Plan. Employee’s will receive a company match of 50% up to 6% of salary contributed, after they have met eligibility.  Employee’s will be 100% vested in the plan following 2 years of service.

Employees who choose not to participate in the plan must opt out by logging into principal.com/welcome and register and select “Opt Out.”

Career Reward – “PTO”**

After completing 1,000 hours on engagement (approx. 25 weeks), our consultants are eligible for Career Rewards:

  • When consultants complete 1,000 total hours (on a rolling basis from their start date) they will receive an additional 20 hours pay at their hourly rate and an additional 20 hours of pay every 1,000 hours moving forward.**
  • Following the first 2,000 hours worked, consultants are eligible for eight hours of “holiday” pay at their hourly rate for up to 6 federal holidays every calendar year. To be eligible for this reward, the consultant must have worked during one of the weeks with a named federal holiday. Recognized holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

*Payroller Talent are not eligible for the Career Reward or Holiday Reward.

** This assumes no more than 60 days between assignments, after which the timeline resets for both bonus and holiday pay.

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WunderLand participates in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. ADP Tax Credit Services administers this program on our behalf. The information you supply will be used by WunderLand to complete its federal and state tax returns, and in no way will negatively impact any hiring decision. Your responses to the questions will be confidential to WunderLand and the federal, state, and local agencies.

  • Open https://tcs.adp.com/screen/index.html?cc=advancedgroup
  • Select the state where you are working.
  • You will be prompted to enter in the city where you are working. If you are not currently on assignment, you may use the city in which your WunderLand representative is located.
  • Finally, choose the company name and address where you are be working. If the exact address is not available, please choose the closest option. If there are duplicate addresses listed for the company, you can pick any one of them.
  • Click Continue and follow the directions.
  • All answers are secure and will not be shared with your recruiter.