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Talent acquisition experts who put a premium on your time and your culture.

WunderLand is a team of digital, creative and marketing staffing professionals, servicing Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut. We invest our time understanding your business, your needs and your workflow, so that you can spend your time choosing among a select handful of highly-qualified, fully-vetted candidates who align with your company culture, work ethic and commitment to excellence. Get Started Hiring Today  

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Listen as our clients and talent detail their positive experiences.
Find Work

Matching your skills, personality and goals to the right job.

WunderLand is a team of highly-experienced recruiters who speak your language. We take the time to understand what you’ve done and what you’d like to do. When we recommend you to a hiring company, it’s because the position, the company and its culture match your background and career objectives. At WunderLand, you won’t have just one person matching you to jobs – you’ll have our entire team. It’s an approach our candidates appreciate. Start looking 

About WunderLand

We deliver value where Time and Quality intersect.

WunderLand is a Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut creative staffing agency, specializing in marketing, design and digital talent. Our steady growth since our founding in 2009 has been organic and directly attributable to our desire to
help others – to be honest, open and trustworthy, and to work with firms and candidates who appreciate our approach.
Once we get clients, we keep them, with a retention rate of over 99%.

We understand your business. We know our talent. We respect your time.

That’s why we can confidently send you a handful of vetted candidates who match your parameters and culture.
We’re your destination for talent.
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