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Referral Programs

Great people know great people! We welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone in your network about their career goals, interests or perspectives.


Make A Referral And Earn Some Extra Cash!​

At WunderLand Group, we understand that great people know other great people. We trust the referrals of our community and we are eager to reward you for your efforts! Refer a friend or client today through one of our two referral incentive programs.

New Consultant Referral Incentive

Know a talented creative, digital or marketing expert who is looking for a new opportunity? Send them our way! There are two types of candidate referrals that you can submit: consultant (project-based work) or direct hire (permanent placements). Details below:

  • $750 Consultant Referral
    • Referred candidate must be placed on project engagement of 520 hours (approx. three months) or longer
    • Bonus will be paid one month following completion of first 520 hours of engagement
  • $750 Direct Hire Referral
    • Bonus will be paid once candidate exceeds guarantee period we have in place with the client (typically 30-90 days from the candidate’s start date)


New Business Referral Incentive

Know an organization or head of marketing who needs creative, digital or marketing project support or interim staff? We’d love to help find the best solution to their business challenge, whether that be a project team or individual resources.* Details below:

  • $500 for Project Engagement Referrals of 520 hours or longer
    • Bonus to be paid month after threshold is met
  • $500 Additional after 1040 hours
    • If the engagement extends up to over 1040 hours, we’ll pay you an ADDITIONAL $500 the month after that threshold is met, up to $1,000

*This program does not include perm referrals and is contract/project work only.

For more information, you can download the referral program guidelines here.

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