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Consider us your on-demand production team. Studio offers project services, comprehensive solutions and customized options to fit your unique needs.

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WunderLand Studio is a specialized team ready to support you. Think of us as an extension of your team with a variety of vetted and committed experts in all the key areas of marketing, digital and creative services. We are not an agency but an on-demand team that can execute in all key areas.

How Do We Work?

Easy, On-Demand Access: Tapping our team is simple with our WL Studio Portal and Request Form. Simply complete the request, and your Studio Manager will field your submission, confirm details and engage the team. Our delivery timelines are managed by general Service Level Agreements based on the request type.

Discovery & Enculturation: At the beginning of our partnership, we’ll host a one-time, kick-off to learn about your organization, obtain your brand standards, specifications and assets (logos, fonts, etc.). From this call, we’ll build a brand tutorial that will be required training for any team member working on your programs.

Transparency: Our custom WunHub portal gives you real-time updates to all your current requests as well as completed assignments along with access to project files.

Committed Delivery Team: We are committed to a rigorous process, hiring top-notch experts to our Studio team who are vested in our clients’ success, delivering quality work and building long-term relationships. A large proportion of our new team members are sourced through our trusted referral network, and each team member is required to complete a skills assessment before joining our team along with a pass/fail skills test.

Examples Of WunderLand Studio Services


Digital Services

  • Landing pages
  • Web Development
  • Basic SEM / Paid Digital
  • CRM Automation
  • Email Automation

Creative Services

  • Print & Digital Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Presentation Design
  • Motion Graphics

Event Services

  • Trade Show Logistics
  • Virtual Trade Show
  • In-Person Hosted Events
  • Webinar Administration
  • Virtual Meeting / Training Admin

Communications & Content Development

  • E-Books / Briefs / Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • Blog / Articles
  • Press Releases & Distribution
  • Scripts (Audio & Video)

Marketing Administration Services

  • Logo Item Program Mgmt
  • Awards Submissions
  • Reporting Support
  • Vendor Inquiry Mgmt
  • Competitive Intel (Basic Research)

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